Brandon Ho.

Established in 2017, Lensofmira had its humble beginnings as a personal project of its founder, Brandon Ho, to explore his passion in photography. Armed with his first camera affectionately named “Mira” and his desire to capture the most genuine expressions of his subjects.

Today, Brandon is partner of Pixioo Photography as a full-time wedding photographer. Other than wedding related shoots, he also does event (family, birthdays, corporate etc) and lifestyle fashion shoots. He is also the resident photographer of multiple home grown labels such as By Invite Only™.

What doesn’t change, is that Brandon will continue capture you in your rawest moments (or in his words, “moments that you can look back and smile fondly”) with a flair of his personal touch. Ever thankful for each and every one of his clients who have trusted him with important events of their lives, Brandon will always go the extra mile to ensure that the work he delivers is of quality and a lot of love.